Privacy Policy

Any information provided within this website in relation to products and services by MySmartFx is for informational purposes only. Therefore any information within must not be considered as a recommendation; any offer to sell or buy; or any solicitation to sell or buy any security, instrument or financial products available; or to take part in any certain trading strategy would be considered illegal. MySmartFx shall not guarantee and responsible to any liability or loss to any party or to any customer resulted from any damages of delays, inaccuracies, errors or interruptions or discontinuation of the services provided by MySmartFx. MySmartFx shall not responsible to any links to this website or any contents of another website that has links with this website. By opening this website, any users or customers shall be responsible for their own actions.

Use Of Website

MySmartFx including its directors, managers, officers or employees shall not be responsible for any damage or loss or liability from access or inability to enter this website in relation of information provided herein. MySmartFx shall not be responsible for direct, indirect, incidental or other damages, lost profit or opportunity of any kind, including virus that will affect computer equipment.

Privacy And Personal Data

When applying for a demo account or a live account, MySmartFx shall conduct activity of administration, request or storage purposes about customers. Financial information will be required for credit assessment purposes by MySmartFx. Email address is required in order to send login information and shall not be given to any third party and may be used in relation to its products and services.

MySmartFx and its employees are obliged to treat information of a customer’s personal data as confidentiality and shall not be given out without any approval or justification. Please be advised that in certain cases, MySmartFx may need to give information to public authorities.

Information about customer relationships will only be displayed to any third parties if MySmartFx is obliged to display the information according to the laws of Indonesia.

MySmartFx may display the following information:

  • Customer data corporate customers to financial companies subject to professional confidentiality.
  • Customer data about personal identifications.

If the data is incorrect, then we shall confirm this to you immediately. We will also inform about his issue to who may receive this information error.

Please be advised that if you need to change your personal data or so, you may contact us via our Live Chat.

Customer Concern

When a user or a customer opens an account, each and every client will be subject to terms of use applied. Any user or customer is advised to be familiar to the terms of use of MySmartFx.