Intermediate Class

Finally we have arrived at analysis lessons. Analysis is very important things to specify what action we will take. Are we going to BUY? or should SELL but why? how about the risks? how large the potential benefits and what kind of the reasons will popped?

Remember, we’re not gambling here, but doing some real business. This is not cirque of Las Vegas but market stock index, commodities and forex. Therefor we need to learn trading knowledge along with the tricks.

Nonetheless, we will learn to be a witty market analysis, not a psychic. There is always open an opportunity to goes incorrectly, because basically there is no one single human being can predict 100% accurately what will happen in the future.

The ranged of good analysis accuracy is between 70-80%. That means is we also have the loss possibility ? Yes. But let me remind you one more time, to cope with the problems in others hands we’ll also examine the Risk Management and Capital Management. With good risk management, which only 70% accuracy that we have, it could provide a consistent profit.