Deposit & Withdrawal

First Deposit

  1. First of all, finish the Open Account registration form and verify the email. Then do the  minimum required initial deposit into our bank account.
  2. Fill first deposit notification form and attach the deposit document. (Complete instructions and shortcut link will be sent to your email after email verification)
  3. Check your email for the MySmart Trader and Client Page username & password.

Your MySmartFx account will be activated after your deposit sent to our bank account and categorized as Good Fund *

Do not forget to add the bank administrative costs for wire transfers and other bank fee for inter-banks fund activity.

Deposit / Top Up

  1. Make a deposit into our bank account.
  2. Make sure to fill in the information, especially your name and your MySmartFx’s account number.
  3. Fill in the deposit form on the client page (see picture)
  4. Your equity will increase automatically after we receive your deposit in our bank account and categorized as Good Fund*

*The execution that we do refers to the message/information listed at the transaction message through the bank. (please make sure the message on the deposit notification form and the message listed at bank transaction are identical)

*MySmartFx will not accept the deposit which derived from third parties or deposit with no/unclear information.


Withdrawal of funds into the submitted bank account that already listed at your account registration form.

    1. Visit Client Login Page by logging in at our website (see picture)
    2. Fill in the Withdrawal Form at your client page.
    3. Wait until the equity reduced.
    4. Check your regiostered bank account **

Client Login

** Withdrawal of funds can only be done on business days. Withdrawals above 05:00 GMT (24h), will be withdrawn from equity at the time we receive the notification, but the delivery of funds to customer’s bank accounts will be held until the next business day.

**Withdrawal of funds for account that have open trade(s), will be executed only if all of the open trade’s market is open.

** The withdrawal of funds from MySmartFx will not be charged, but all bank administrative costs will be deducted automatically from the amount of withdrawal.

** The funds will arrive in your bank account a few time after the process is finished. As it relates to the Bank that are beyond MySmartFx’s authority , these funds do not directly get into your bank account after the funds withdrawn from the trading platform.