Beginner Class

What kind of business is this?

In the end we shall perform a type of transaction which is more popularly known as futures trading, free translated into Indonesian is may be referred as ‘futures’. The difference with the trade ‘physical’ is this kind of trade does not involving goods in physical form at all yet we transacted in the ‘contract’ based on the value of an asset/goods/commodities in the physical business form, sounds interesting isn’t it?

And if we want to look precisely, transactions flow eminent in financial markets makes this business create an wide opened opportunity with unbelievable profits.

Still losing direction? Do not worried, don’t push yourself badly, because through this simple education, we both will learn more about any utilized opportunities we can optimized.

What do I need to start Trading?

• Hardware

In consideration of transactions perform by online method, at least we must have a Personal Computer PC) or laptop/notebook connected directly to the internet. Technology nowadays is already facilitate us with savvy sophisticated ways, we can accomplish transact via PDA or smartphone too.

• Software

Software means Meta Trader trading software to be installed in your computer or notebook/PDA. However, there is other important ‘software’ we need to required, it’s a knowledge and skills that you can gain from this educational module. Just keep on follow!

Okay, I’m ready. But do I really suited to be a trader?

No matter who you are, what your major educational background or occupation is, all of them is not your obstacles to becoming a superb trader. Because basically, everyone can be a trader. Still doubt about it? Let’s peep out the facts.

If you are a student, an employee, a really good housewives, or maybe as a business owner and then suddenly something tickles in your mind and emerged a desire to get additional extra income, nothing wrong with that. ‘Aight students listen up, surely it would be nice if we could have our income without whining and begging continously to our parents. For employees, to own a real business is clearly the answer for your deadlock. For lovely housewives, make yourself proud by earning your own income without involving your hubby role. I bet your family will love you more and more.

If you are a professional or entrepreneur who currently in the middle of some business, trading business fairly deserve to be the second ones. Later you’ll see in a special chapter about positive value of this trading business. Or maybe you’re looking forward to seriously become a trader? This educational program can help prepare you for sure.

It is highly recommended that you follow the material below with step by step method