AUDUSD & NZDUSD Still Bullish, Be Carefull if Trendline Broken

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Analisa Teknikal Forex – Aussie still in bullish bias as shown in chart 1 H below and currently stuck support level at 0.86933, if that support successfully penetrated will push Aussie lower with target in the range of 0.86426 – 0.86545.

As an alternative watch if support level at 0.86933 able to survive because it will lift the Aussie further with the first target will be to test the resistance level at 0.87440 and if that resistance is broken will push Aussie higher with target in the range of 0.87708 – 0.87947


Analisa Teknikal Forex – Kiwi dollar is still in the bullish bias seen from chart 1 hour below, and is currently on hold support level at 0.78969, which if the support level successfully break will push kiwi dollar lower with a target in the range of 0.78217 – 0.78572.

As an alternative to consider if the kiwi dollar rose and broke through resistance level at 0.79721 as this will lift the kiwi dollar further with target in the range of 0.80079 – 0.80296.